Social Media Services

Social media is a necessary tool for expanding your audience & spreading your message. Let’s make it impactful.


My Focus.

I aim to work with small brands and businesses that are here to help people. My passions lie in wellness, mental health, spirituality, and travel. 


My Work.

I work with you to create a consistent social media strategy, design digital assets for your brand, write engaging blog content, and manage paid campaigns. 


My Clients.

I have worked with clients ranging
from health food brands, wellness
influencers, mental health counselors,
luxury hotels, and local restaurants.



  • Social media management (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat)

  • Lifestyle/food/portraiture photography

  • Curated blog posts


I am currently taking on clients and am excited to work with individuals and brands to create social media content through creative imagery and impactful copy. I also work at a creative marketing agency as a social media coordinator where I manage both organic & paid social media accounts. keep scrolling to see my work.

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